Web shop for Velour

The Velour story started back in 1997 when Per Andersson rummaged through the store of his grandmother's old ready-to-wear shop, which closed in the mid eighties after 50 years of business. He decided to make use of this asset and opened Nostalgi together with a couple of friends. The shop sold the dead stock clothes together with re-makes, art and design and became a forum for the Göteborg independent scene. It also attracted international attention. Nostagi's creative customers inspired the Velour team to, in 2002 take the step towards designing their own clothes; and the first Velour collection was launched in 2005.

We have every in and launched Velours's web shop at our new e-commerce platform we have developed over the past year. This is the first shopping site that is running on our new system. A great launch partner because we like their style and taste for sharp design.

Written by Jesper Lind Tuesday, December 22, 2009